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How to get out of a speeding ticket!

April 25, 2011 · No Comments

Every girl knows that a little flirting can go a long way when you encounter a cop that wants to give you a speeding ticket, but this chick takes it to a whole other level! When she sees a cop pulling her over she wastes no time in pulling a few tricks out that she knows will make him forget all about her speeding. Instead of handing the cop her license she decides he might enjoy a handful of huge hard tits instead. Soaking wet with her nipples erect, it would be impossible for anyone to keep their hands off.

The cop forgets all about the ticket because all he can think of is his raging hard dick that’s trapped inside his pants. He pulls it out and this sneaky chick takes that throbbing cock and swallows it whole. He’s never had his dick sucked so well and he’s thinking that he just may have to write down her license plate and pull her over again sometime! Join us today for only $4.95!

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