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Entries from March 2011

Sexy hot ladies charcoal drawings

March 31st, 2011 · No Comments

Every woman wants to be portrayed in the sexiest of ways, and these girls are showing off their best assets in these series of drawings. These hotties have what all men want and they want to let the world know! Slinking all over the bed, they writhe with aching pussies and erect nipples, wanting to be fucked. These girls have skinny little tight bodies with amazing tits that would swallow even the biggest of dicks.

Ready to pounce, these chicks are arching their backs, sticking their tits out into the air and showing off their smooth pussies that are more than ready to satisfy a throbbing cock. A few of these girls even take some swings around a stripper pole together and wrap their bodies around one another. Naked, smooth, and wet – rolling around and twisting themselves around each other until their tits and pussies are rubbing against one another. Join us today for only $4.95!

Tags: Adult Comics

Crazy hot chicks in hot action in these charcoal artworks

March 30th, 2011 · No Comments

If you’re looking for some hot hardcore action, then this gallery will certainly have you working up a sweat. These chicks love dick, they love to fuck and they love to get a guy to blow his load. With a raging hard cock in front of them, these sluts do what they do best – get a dick in their mouth and suck that cock until they’re ready to blow their load. And a face full of cum is just icing on the cake! Then there are the whores who let their pussies take a pounding and keep asking for more. These are the really wild sluts!

They need two sets of everything – they love fucking a guy while a chick flicks her clit with her tongue. And if someone else isn’t around, they’ll just take a dildo and shove it up their ass while they’re getting fucked in their cunt. Join us today for only $4.95!

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Naughty babes pleasing the guys

March 29th, 2011 · No Comments

These chicks are sexy, horny and ready to be naughty for the next guy with a raging hard dick that comes their way. Perfect bodies, tight and toned, with nice round asses and large, perky tits that beg to be played with, these babes are want to flaunt their bodies. Luckily some of them manage to get some action! And not just some pity fuck either – these chicks are going at it hard with their asses in the air and ready to take on even more cock!

The horniest of them all manages to juggle three massive cocks, filling every one of her holes. She gets fucked in her pussy, up her ass and also has a throbbing cock filling her mouth. Bend these chicks over, throw their legs in the air, or let another guy come and fill another hole – it doesn’t matter; these sluts are ready and waiting for it all! Join us today for only $4.95!

Tags: Adult Comics

Charcoal drawings of hot steamy actions

March 28th, 2011 · No Comments

A call girl receives a phone call from a man in need of her special services. Dressed in a very revealing outfit, she waves down a taxi that comes towards her. As she talks to the driver, his eyes can`t seem to focus on anything but her incredible body in the sexy dress she is wearing. Once she gets in the cab, the driver started to grab her inner thigh and compliment her on how sexy she looks. They decide to find a quiet place so that they can fuck each other`s brains out! They find a parking garage that seems to be a good enough place, and the call girl begins to suck on the drivers erect cock! His massive hard on tastes so good to her with every lick of his shift.

As she is giving the blowjob, he reaches around and grabs her fine ass. When she was finished polishing his cock with her mouth, they both stepped outside the cab and he fucked her over the hood of his taxi. Join us today for only $4.95!

Tags: Adult Comics

Beautiful ladies Black and White artworks

March 27th, 2011 · No Comments

Welcome to a world where no fantasy is too taboo, and no sex acts are off limits! Done in black and white and even colorful creations, each drawing brings a new sexual fantasy to life! Hot babes in the most sexiest of outfits posing in a way to spread her legs wide apart and reveal her love spot, to pussy eating lesbians rubbing each others luscious bodies and getting each other off with their hands, tongues and fingers!

These drawings are inspired by real life acts that have actually happened and now they are all here for your viewing pleasure. Highly detailed drawings will make you crave more each time. No sin is off limits and no fantasy is too extreme to act out in their world! You will get to witness the most incredible acts of sex and sexual posing that you have only dreamed and fantasized about before! Join us today for only $4.95!

Tags: Adult Comics

Realistic charcoal drawings make you hot

March 26th, 2011 · No Comments

Lovely breasts get pressed firmly against one another when two lesbians engage in a sexual experience! Women sitting the faces of their male lovers crave a good tongue lashing on their swollen clits, as they stroke their hard cock off with their hands! Bedroom sex romps, to public fucking scenes, these girls need to be satisfied and it doesn’t matter they get it! Throats get crammed with cock, as assholes get drilled wide open! Double penetration on a hot lady who needs to be double satisfied in one fuck session.

Hot threesomes take place with both two males and one female, and two females and one male. Each of them with the same goal in mind; to fuck each others` brains out! Dicks slide in and out of eager twats, as erect nipples get licked and sucked on. Watch as couples form group orgies and share each other`s naughty parts equally.

Tags: Adult Comics